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The Wharf Company | Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont – Your agent on the wharf

Peirs 19-21, Pymont

The Wharf Company is a specialist Pyrmont commercial real estate agency that deals exclusively in Jones Bay Wharf property. Our founders have a long history at Jones Bay Wharf since partnering in very first commercial real estate agency  to be established at Jones Bay Wharf.

Our vision is simple. Do one thing and do it well. We do Jones Bay Wharf.

Dealing exclusively in Jones Bay Wharf real estate gives The Wharf Company a unique edge and we look to add value every step of the way, nurturing the relationships formed with the owner who have been around since the release of the completed redevelopment in 2001 and striving to fostering new relationships with newer owners when they arrive.

Our business is built on relationships that have been fostered since the completion of the redevelopment by Toga / Multiuplex in 2003 and we maintain the highest level of trust and integrity.

Formally incorporated in 2010, The Wharf Company has in reality been established since the beginning. We were involved in the very first lease deals and the very first resales.  We are still here, providing our unique, bespoke services to the owners and occupiers of space at Jones Bay Wharf, and we will be here for years to come.

The Wharf Company services include sales, leasing as well as offering property management and advice.

The unique workplace environment that is Jones Bay Wharf necessitates a specialist agent able to deliver the knowledge and services required by its owners and occupants.

The Wharf Company also has business interests in software development and sales in the United States, Indonesia. Find out more here.

The Wharf Company | Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont.

Jones Bay Wharf, Piers 19-21  26-32  Pirrama Road, Pyrmont  NSW